Subscription FAQ

Can I add a discount code to a subscription order?

All subscription orders receive a 20% discount and complimentary shipping and cannot be combined with additional discounts. A single order may contain both one-time purchase items and subscription—discount codes will apply to one-time purchase items.

Can I change how often my subscription arrives?

Yes, you can change your subscription shipment interval within Subscription Settings in your Virtue account. 

Can I have multiple products on subscription? 

Subscription is currently available only on Flourish products. Select which shipment schedule works best for your hair growth goals, but please note that even if you have multiple products on subscription with similar delivery cadences, each item may ship separately.

What quantity of a product can I purchase on subscription?

You can only purchase one of any product on subscription.

How do I sign up for a subscription?

You must sign into or create a Virtue account to add products to subscription.

How do I change my subscription?

From your Virtue account portal, you can update the frequency of your subscription shipment, change/update your shipping and billing address, and cancel or pause your subscription(s).

How do I update my shipping address and/or billing details?

From your Virtue account portal, you change/update your shipping and billing address.

How do I add a new product to my subscription?

Sign into your Virtue account and add the newly desired subscription purchase to your cart. Proceed to checkout as normal.

Can I skip a delivery?

From your Virtue account portal, you can change your order frequency or skip an upcoming shipment.

How do I cancel my subscription? 

You can cancel or pause your subscription through your Virtue account portal. You can also contact us via Live Chat, email, or call 844-782-4247.  

I canceled my subscription but I still received my order. Why is that?

You may have canceled your subscription after it was already processed and shipped. If you don't believe this was the case, please reach out to us via Live Chat, email, or call 844-782-4247.

How will I know if my order is on its way?

You will receive an email confirmation once your order has shipped and is on its way. You can also check the status of your subscription shipment in your Virtue account portal.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password here or email

I can’t log into my account, what should I do?

You can request your account email by contacting us via Live Chat, emailing, or calling 844-782-4247. You can reset your password here.

Why aren’t all Virtue products available for subscription?

Hair growth is a natural process that takes time, commitment, and continuation of product use in order to see results. We want to reward you for sticking to your hair growth goals with an ongoing discount and complimentary shipping. Additional Virtue products may become available for subscription at a later date.

Are After Pay, Paypal, etc available for subscription?

Payment services including AfterPay and Paypal and not accepted forms of payment for any subscription orders. This is due to credential constraints on these accounts that are required by the Payment Services and cannot be changed by Virtue. If the Payment Service providers change their requirements, the service will be added as an option for Subscription purchases.

Is subscription available outside of the U.S.?

Subscription is currently only available in the U.S.

Can I return a product ordered on subscription? Will I get my money back?

Yes, you can return any product ordered on subscription for a full refund or store credit towards future purchase.

How will I be notified that my next subscription order is coming?

You will receive an email when your order ships five days before your preferred shipment delivery date.

What if I want my order early?

You can request your order be shipped earlier by contacting us through LiveChat, emailing, or calling 844-782-4247.

How do I create an account?

You can create a Virtue account here. If you have any questions, contact us through Live Chat, emailing, or by calling 844-782-4247.

Can I buy items that aren’t on subscription at the same time I buy subscription items?

Yes, you can purchase non-subscription items on the same order as your subscription purchase.

What if a product I purchase on subscription is out of stock?

If a product is out of stock when your subscription order is scheduled to ship, your shipment will be delayed until the product is back in stock.  You will be notified when the product is back in stock and when your next order will ship.  You may pause your subscription if the timing of that shipment does not work for you.

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