Tackling Hair Thinning And Loss With Stylist Kindale Godbee

Tackling Hair Thinning And Loss With Stylist Kindale Godbee

If you’re currently dealing with hair thinning and loss, we want you to know something: You’re not alone––in your experience or your emotional journey. No matter how you spin it, female hair loss is nuanced. It’s a sensitive topic, bringing with it a multitude of questions about hard-to-pinpoint causes and how to move forward. And when we first notice more hair in the shower drain than usual, one of the first people we turn to is our stylist. Part beauty maker–part therapist, our stylist is often one of the most knowledgeable resources. We tapped into our Virtue® stylist ambassadors to get their expert insight. Salon owner and stylist Kindale Godbee weighs in.

Q&A with VirtueQ&A with Virtue
Is hair loss or thinning among your clients common?

Yes, a little less than 50% of my clientele is experiencing or experienced hair loss or thinning.

Do they ask for your advice? What do you tell them?

Yes, as a stylist, I am typically the first person sought after to discuss thinning. We always consult to target the source. Whether it be hereditary, stress, hormonal, etc. Once we establish what we believe the source to be, we start a regimen that eases tension, clarify the scalp to relieve product buildup, if any, and use oils, and massage to increase blood flow. If there is no resolve within 90 days, I usually tell my client to seek out a dermatologist.

Do you feel your clients are emotionally affected by hair thinning or loss?

Yes, it is a very touchy subject. Especially in the black and brown community; close to 50% are suffering or dealing with thinning or hair loss.

In what ways do you see them or their attitude transform when they see progress with growth and thickness?

My clients have a boost of confidence in not only themselves, but in their approach to self care.

Any advice on caring for fine or thinning hair?

Find the source and then tackle the problem.

What tips and tricks do you have for styling fine or thinning hair?

Low tension and low manipulation styling is the best for thinning hair.

What Virtue products do you recommend to your clients with fine or thinning hair and why?

At first, in the salon, I was suggesting FULL, but now I am recommending Flourish. My clients love that there is a non-medicated option as well.

About Kindale


Virtue® ambassador and owner of The Heir Salon and Family in Raleigh, NC, has made it her mission to help everyone who comes through her salon find beauty in all aspects of hair and life. She was top of her class in The Mastery Program at Paul Mitchell and attended various trainings for Curly Cutting Technique in New York. Each year she continues her education with Bronner Brother Classes. She has worked in the industry for six years, specializing in natural hair, and has been the proud owner of her natural hair salon for a year and a half.

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