How Hair Thinning And Loss Affects My Clients With Colorist Christine Chavez

How Hair Thinning And Loss Affects My Clients With Colorist Christine Chavez

Wondering if it’s safe to color hair that’s thinning or shedding? Need tips for styling hair while regrowing? Female hair loss is nuanced and emotional, bringing with it a multitude of questions about hard-to-pinpoint causes and how to move forward. And when we first start to notice more hair in the shower drain, one of the first people we turn to is our stylist. Part beauty maker–part therapist, our stylist is often one of the most knowledgeable resources. We tapped into our Virtue® stylist ambassadors to get their expert insight and reassure you––you’re not alone. Colorist and salon owner, Christine Chavez, weighs in.

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Is hair loss or thinning among your clients common?

Absolutely. My clientele is 80% women and 20% male, and it’s one of their biggest concerns when I’m doing consultations in the chair.

Do they ask your advice on what to do?

Yes, and I go over options if topical solutions are sufficient.

What advice do you give them?

If I feel it’s from stress of superficial hair loss like postpartum, then Flourish® is my go-to. For anything deeper than that, I always advise a medical visit with their doctor.

Do you feel your clients are emotionally affected by hair thinning or loss?

Yes, yes! They are coming to me for a solution because it affects their self-esteem and how they feel––hiding under hats and trying everything recommended.

In what ways do they or their attitude transform when they see progress with growth and thickness?

I immediately get texts or emails about how much they love Flourish, and how, just after 30 days, they are seeing huge results. When they return for color and I see the physical results, I’m even amazed. It’s special to be able to offer them something that works and see them smile.

Any advice on caring for fine or thinning hair?

Yes: Don’t over-shampoo and use the products suggested to you by your stylist. Minimize heat styling; when you do use it, always use a heat protectant. I now recommend Flourish to all my clients male or female. It’s proven to prevent these issues and help solve them.

What tips and tricks do you have for styling fine or thinning hair?

Volumizing products with low alcohol content is vital. Too much alcohol can dry out fine strands. Use little-to-no heat when styling. Use proper shampoos and conditioners to start; always incorporate a detangler and heat protectant when styling. Also, consistently getting trims will prevent split ends and minimize breakage.

How do you approach color for clients with fine or fragile hair? With hair loss?

I try to steer away from bleaching services and using low-to-no-ammonia products to deliver results. At the very least, when I feel their hair has come to a point where we can highlight it, I always suggest balayage for subtle, gentle results. I also recommend a color-safe shampoo.

What should a client tell their colorist if they’re experiencing hair loss?

I think being super transparent about when they first noticed it is important. Then I go over any big changes in their personal life (to determine stress levels), what areas it’s happening in, and if they have or are currently using anything to help it.

What techniques or processes do you recommend for clients with hair thinning or loss?

First, I always reiterate that I’m not a doctor, but in my 18 years of doing hair, I have seen many versions of hair loss. I’m here to help them resolve it if it’s superficial hair loss due to stress, hormones, or breakage. I recommend they speak with their doctor to rule out anything hormonal or medical related. I always offer Flourish and tell them that, if they see that it’s helping, to continue usage. Ultimately, I always recommend they let their doctor know what they’re using. It’s important to have as much information as possible.

About Christine


Los Angeles native Christine Chavez has been mastering the art of hair color since 2003. Though she gained most of her experience in Beverly Hills, she broadened her talents during a stint in San Francisco, working across diverse cultural styles. Christine has been a National Educator for Brazilian Blowout for over nine years and travels throughout the United States as part of the Creative Team to educate fellow stylists. Christine works closely with her clients to determine the color that is best suited to their individual taste and lifestyle.

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